Each kilogram of Kayari yerba mate preserves 2m² of forest. This is thanks to the collaboration between Kayari and the NGO Banco de Bosque in the Curvas del Urugua-i project in Misiones, a province where yerba mate is grown. The project consists of saving 104 hectares of forest in Misiones in order to increase the surface area of the Urugua-i provincial park. 

1kg  Yerba Mate  =    2m²  forest saved

Banco de Bosques - January Certification

Certificado m2 Salvados - Kayari.jpg
Selva Misionera

The first organisation we collaborate with is BANCO DE BOSQUES. It is an Argentinean NGO based in the Maté region (Misiones). Its aim is to protect the forests and its biodiversity. 

How does it do this? Banco de bosques buys land strategically in order to prevent industrial projects from destroying the heritage. Then, it makes sure to preserve the forests and as soon as the territory is big enough, they start discussions with the State to turn them into natural reserves.

Our commitment :  Every   Yerba Mate Kayari sold participate to save   land in Misiones. As our Yerba Mate comes from mother earth we found it logical to keep our environment safe for the next generations.

ECOALARM : Raise money each time the alarm goes off. An easy and free way to support them daily.

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