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How do you start your mate experience with an appropriate budget?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Before you even start looking for your ideal mate kit, it is wise to make sure that you are seduced by the traditions, taste and energy that mate brings you. However, be aware that the first experience is often unpleasant due to the tannins present in Yerba Maté. But with time, your palate will get used to it and you won't be able to do without a mate.

How do you know if you like the taste?

Brew your maté in a French press or teapot to discover the taste of maté.
Maté brewed with a French Press

The mate has a strong bitter taste. Our advice is to start with a small amount of yerba. This will save you from spending a certain amount in a kit that you will let age in a cupboard.

It is prudent and economical (3,95€) to start with the traditional 150g Yerba Mate from Kayari. Then you will need to brew it in a French press, teapot or another infusion filter. In Argentina, this technique is called "mate cocido".

Ps: Mate cocido is less bitter than a traditional mate.

Each mate has a different budget

The traditional way :

If you want to start the traditional experience, we recommend our Starter Pack.

We have taken care to respect the Guaraní traditions by choosing a 100% authentic and natural calabash mate. Accompanied by a bombilla (straw with filter) and 500g of Yerba Maté coming from a cooperative in Misiones. In addition, each half kilo of maté sold contributes to saving 1m² of forest in Argentina.

This pack is ideal to start your mate experience at a democratic price (30€).


Mate artisanal 100% Uruguayen

Uruguay is known for its production of mate accessories and for its excellent craftsmanship. (A national trademark ensuring high quality and entirely handcrafted production).

Let yourself be seduced by our Mate Royal for only 39,50€. It is both natural and will ensure you make the best montañitas.

This little wonder is the result of hard manual labour done with love in a small workshop in Montevideo. The Royal Pack is available from 49.5€.


Our Bestseller, The torpedo

The Mate Torpedo is undoubtedly our most coveted mate. It is suitable for those who are passionate about green energy.

This model of gourd is revered by Uruguayan materos for its class, its practicality and the large quantity of yerba that can be brewed in it.

The Torpedo Pack offers an incredible mate experience at a price of 65€ unmatched on the market.


Ceramics as a noble element

The Mate Classy is special because it is made of ceramic and not calabash.

Ceramic, unlike calabash, is a neutral element that does not alter the taste of Yerba. Ceramic also makes the gourd easy to clean and keeps the heat for a long time.

It is an exceptional handwork that will make your life easier. The Classy Pack at 70€ offers you a comfortable experience.


The Rolls Royce of Mate

The Maté Impérial is the favourite model of the football stars. Messi, Griezmann, Cavani, Pogba or Suarez quickly adopted it. The Imperial Maté proudly accompanies them on every trip.

This work of art however has a price (99.00€) but if you really like mate you will forget the cost and its flavour will invite you to travel.


As you will have understood, each mate model has its differences and offers a unique experience. That's why it's important to choose a mate that you truly identify with.

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