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Magili, an energising cocktail made from mate

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The Magili is a new cocktail that is easy, fresh, and gives a boost.

If you haven't tried the Magili yet, we suggest you try it ilico presto. This yerba mate-based cocktail has the benefit of providing an invigorating dose of energy while being 100% natural.

Magili, a natural boosting cocktail
Magili, the seductive mate-based cocktail

How did Magili come about?

Magili was developed by the founders of the Kayari brand to provide the nightlife scene with a healthy and energising drink.

Magili is a cocktail that was born during the lockdown. Energising, fresh and healthy.
Julien in demonstration mode.

At the time of the first confinement, when the world of nightlife was at a standstill, the Kayari brothers got down to work to propose an innovative alternative to replace sodas in spirits.

After long hours of reflection, research and experimentation, Magili was born and unanimously seduced the guests of the Casa Belga, by its simplicity, its energy and its virtuous effects.

However, this challenge was not a foregone conclusion. Indeed, some of the members of our flat share were not used to the bitterness of mate. Nevertheless, from their first encounter, it was love at first sight, and everyone, without exception, asked for more mate. The only thing missing was to find a name for it...

Energising, fresh and healthy, it could only work well!


The magili logo is represented by an Argentinean jaguar to represent the invigorating energy of this cocktail and its Latin American origin
Logo Magili

It is often difficult to find a name that fits the creation. In the case of Magili, we wanted a name that reflected its simplicity and was easy to pronounce in many languages. By keeping the first syllable of each ingredient we get the :

"MA" for "Mate" "GI" for "Gin" "LI" for"Lime"

Do it at home

We invite you to try making your own Magili at home and to share this wonderful cocktail with your friends and family. You can find the recipe for Magili here.

The magili is the new Mojito and a new trend in 2021
Let's party

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