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Learn how to brew mate cocido.

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

At Kayari, we are curious by nature, but above all, we are passionate about yerba mate. This has allowed us to discover the best recipes based on this tree of a thousand virtues.

As you know, yerba mate is traditionally drunk in a calabash with a bombilla and infused at 80ºC (see article "how to prepare mate according the argentinean method"). However, it is also possible to brew it in different ways. Today we present you with an alternative that will open doors for you in the realisation of different recipes.

How to prepare the mate cocido

Here is the list of fundamental ingredients and materials for the preparation of mate cocido, which will be your base for all types of mate cocktails or mocktails:

Mate cocido is an alternative to the traditional way of consuming yerba mate. Here, a bodum is used to infuse the yerba mate. Be careful, never boil the water! For even more pleasure, we advise you to keep the infusion in a cool place and then make magnificent mate-based cocktails.
mate cocido infused at 80ºC in a French press



  • 1 French Press 1L also called "bodum" (If not, use any tea filter).

  • 1 Kettle (even better with a smart thermostat)

  • 1 Funnel (optional if you are a good viewer)

  • 1 Litre bottle or container

Estimated time: 6 hours and 10 minutes

- 2 minutes preparation time,

- 8 minutes of infusion

- 6 hours of waiting (to cool your mate cocido).

The 6 steps to follow :

Follow carefully the different steps for the preparation of the mate cocido :

  1. Add 15 grams of loose yerba mate to your French press/bodum. If you don't have one, add the 15 grams of yerba mate in a filter that you usually use to drink your loose infusions (examples: tea bag, infused gourd, teaspoon, tea ball, ...).

  2. Pour 1 litre of hot water at 80ºC into your bodum (never pour hot water at more than 80ºC otherwise you will burn the maté leaves and lose the properties). If you don't have an electric kettle with a smart thermostat, heat water in your pot and turn off the heat once small bubbles appear at the bottom of the pot.

  3. Infuse your preparation for 8 minutes,

  4. After brewing, press the filter of your bodum to the bottom.

  5. Place the funnel on top of the bottle and pour the mate cocido into it.

  6. Put the bottle of mate cocido in the fridge and wait for about 6 hours for the brew to cool down. And that's it!

Once your mate cocido is fresh, you now have your cocktail base. It will allow you to open the doors to a new world of taste. Be creative and use your base and then play with other flavours to add more properties to your drink.

Tips :

  • You can put your mate cocido in the freezer to make ice cubes and then use it in your terere.

  • Also try the mate cocido variation by infusing mate in room temperature water and letting it sit overnight. Cold-infused mate cocido has a completely different flavour than hot-infused mate. It is milder and has almost no astringency. Cold brewing avoids acidity and preserves the antioxidants in the mate.


We invite you to send us photos of your "mate cocido" and to write in comments your suggestions for varying your base and thus share it with the whole community.

To discover other recipes we invite you to read the "recipes" section of the blog.

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