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“Terere”, the summer mate

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

This week, we dedicate this article to Paraguay's national drink: "the Terere". This delicious drink is ideal to refresh oneself in summer while enjoying the multiple benefits of Yerba Mate.



Terere is a cold infusion made from yerba maté, ice cubes, and is often flavoured with fresh fruits and herbs such as mint, koku, horsetail, or other encores.

This refreshing infusion is prepared in the traditional way in a horn called guampa, which serves as a container, and the same bombilla that is used with the mate. The Terere is always accompanied by a large fresh jug or a 2L thermos flask.


Benefits and properties

Terere is known for its content of vitamins (especially A, B, C and E), caffeine, polyphenols and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

These nutrients have many positive health benefits such as:

Stimulating properties: its consumption can therefore be useful to increase performance and concentration thanks to its caffeine content.

Antioxidant properties: its richness in antioxidants helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels, which helps to prevent certain cardiovascular diseases.

Thermogenic properties: Terere increases body temperature, which helps to accelerate the metabolism by promoting the combustion of fats in the body.

Diuretic properties: this infusion helps eliminate the accumulation of liquids and toxins in the body, thus increasing the evacuation of toxins.

Digestive properties: it facilitates the digestive process and prevents related problems such as stomach pain, gas and/or abdominal swelling(1*)

The many advantages of Terere are provided by the yerba mate with which it is prepared.


Why Terere is the new summer drink

We saw it, the Terere is the drink of excellence for the summer. It is a refreshing drink that stimulates the body and mind and boosts your immune system considerably. With its many recipe possibilities, Terere also has a lot of surprises in store for you.