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The famous magili recipe

The innovative cocktail that seduces

One of the main values of mate is sharing, that's why we want to share with you our latest little nugget, the Magili. We invite you to share this recipe with your friends and family and we wish you a lot of fun with this delicious drink.

Julien preparing a delicious mate-based cocktail. The new 2021 trend that's seducing
Magili, a euphoric and anti-stress drink

Ingredients :

  • 15cl cold mate cocido

  • 5cl gin

  • 1/2 lime

  • 2cl liquid sugar

  • 2-3 ice cubes


  • 1 shaker

  • 1 jigger (2&5cl)

  • 1 lemon squeezer

  • 1 cocktail glass

Estimated time: 1 minute

Difficulty : Easy to do

The 9 steps to follow :

Follow carefully the different steps of the preparation of magili, the mate-based cocktail:

An anti-stress, natural and energising cocktail to liven up evenings
A Magili, that's for sharing
  1. Add 2-3 ice cubes to your shaker

  2. Fill the 5cl jigger three times with cold mate cocido and pour it into your shaker.

  3. Add 2cl of liquid sugar to the shaker

  4. Cut a lime in half and squeeze it with your lemon squeezer.

  5. Fill the jigger with 5cl of gin and pour it into your shaker.

  6. Close your shaker and shake it vigorously in a figure 8 motion.

  7. Carefully open your shaker and pour your cocktail into the prepared glass.

  8. Add a creative touch to the topping and garnish your Magili.

  9. Enjoy and share the energy.

Tips to improve your Magili

  • To add colour to your glasses, spice up your magili with hibiscus flowers and make yourself a MAGILISCUS.

  • Vary the flavours by changing the citrus fruits with other fruits.

  • Flavour your cocktail with alcohol-based perfumes.

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