Yerba Mate, the essential ally for athletes.

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Yerba Maté, traditionally consumed in Latin America, is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and especially in the world of sport thanks to its antioxidant and stimulating properties. Indeed, mate has convinced more than one athlete to change their eating habits.

Mate is a natural source of energy thanks to its matein content. Matein is a substance that combines "caffeine", "theobromine" (the happiness molecule that is also found in cocoa) and "theophylline". This combination allows for a smoother and more evenly spaced energy intake.


Benefits of mate in sport

In 2021, mate is becoming more and more popular in Europe, thanks to top athletes. They have integrated mate into their daily diet.

Discover the health benefits of mate:

º Natural energy source

º Increases concentration and cognitive memory º More than 90% of antioxidants than in green tea

º Effective fat burner

º Diuretic

Le maté est un allié de choc pour les athlètes grâce a sa contenance en caféine mais aussi pour sa grande teneur en antioxydant.
An essential ally for athletes

Natural energy source :

Mate offers a natural, gentle and progressive energy. This source of energy provides pleasant and non-threatening energy for long hours. The body will tolerate the caffeine content of mate (53mg per 100ml) better because it is lighter than coffee (77mg per 100ml). Since the energy supply is stable, it is advisable to consume mate before every sporting activity.

Increases concentration and cognitive memory :

Yerba mate is a stimulus for the brain, especially for memory and concentration. The caffeine contained in mate acts on the central nervous system of the brain. In addition, mate leaves also contain vitamins B1 and B2, which produce energy to feed and strengthen the brain.

More than 90% of antioxidants than in green tea :

Mate is known for its natural and beneficial properties due to its high content of polyphenols (antioxidants). Antioxidants are molecules that help the immune system to defend itself. During sports activities, the body oxidises more quickly (hence the aches and pains). Antioxidants help to limit the oxidation of the body and promote a more efficient recovery.

Effective fat burner :

A study has shown that mate is an excellent "fat burner" when accompanied by physical activity. The study shows that subjects who consumed mate burned 23% more fat than those who did not.

Diuretic :

Mate has a diuretic effect and this is a benefit to the body as it improves the body's renal function to eliminate toxins.

In summary :

Mate is an ideal drink for every sportsman who is looking for a supplement in his diet. The properties of mate offer sportsmen and women a higher supply of energy, antioxidants and concentration than any other type of drink. No wonder top athletes have already taken the plunge.

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