Once upon a time, in a remote region of Amazonia, there was an old Guarani Indian and his daughter Yarì who lived peacefully.

One evening, two visitors got lost in the vast Amazonian nature. These visitors were two gods, Yasi and Arai, visiting the earth in a human appearance. It was after a long walk that they found the little cabin of the old Indian.

The old man wondered what two strangers were doing so far from civilization. He greeted them directly and offered them his best meal. The evening went off perfectly and the gods were surprised by the generosity of their host.

To thank the old man and his daughter, the gods planted during the night an unknown tree called Yerba Mate. In the early morning, the gods nominate Yarì as a protective goddess and her father as guardian of the holy tree. Yasi and Arai taught them how to enjoy the many virtues of the Yerba Mate.

Ensuring that the tradition will be preserved and shared, the gods left the new guardian and the goddess with a relieved heart.

Sticker Kaá Yari Legend

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