Each kilogram of Yerba Mate Kayari saves 2m² of forest in Misiones, Argentina.


100% traditional Argentinean Yerba Mate.
Cultivated in Misiones by a cooperative that practices environmentally friendly agriculture. 


The green energy "mateina" of Yerba Mate Kayari will gently stimulate your body and mind and help strengthen your immune system.


With BANCO DE BOSQUES we protect the environment of the jungle in Misiones.

Each kilogram of Yerba Mate Kayari saves 2m² of forest in Misiones, Argentina.



"Mateina" is a  chemical substance of the Xanthine family (caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline) are a natural source of energy that stimulates intellectual and physical effort on a constant basis for hours.


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Traditional Yerba Mate 1kg

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    •  Rich in antioxidants
    •  Boost mental focus
    •  Promote weight loss
    •  Increase cardiovascular protection
    •  Favors friendly exchange