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our 3 poles

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With Kayari products, you raise the awareness of a sustainable model and you are a proactive defender of our planet. 

We want Kayari to be more than just a business. We believe it is important to have a societal role, both global and local. The mate and the values like sharing, respect for nature and the openness of the spirit inspired us enormously. We dream of a more humane and healthy society, and it is through the mate that we want to do our part.


This part will be represented by a donation of 10 % of our profits to 3 associations that are active    in each pillar    of our philosophy (environmental, sport and sociocultural)​.

Act now and share your energy to shape a better world of tomorrow.  A small investment makes huge differences.     We truly believe that together we can make the change. 

What better to drink healthy energy with a peaceful mind?


 We take action in the conservation of our planet.  By supporting NGO's specified in the protection of the environment and animals. We believe that our support can increase the actions taken by these NGO's  


We believe that sport & nutrition in the right ways are revolutionaries tools. This is the reason we support the work of organizations that strengthen education and teaches values ​​through sport.


The tradition behind the mate is sharing. We still want to go further in the notion of sharing by supporting cultural and social causes, as well as arts and crafts. Our society needs more integration and sharing experiences on a local and global basis. 

our responsible model

Our model is based on the desire to improve the way our company operates in order to have as many positive externalities as possible for    our planet.  We will continue to improve this model for achieving our commitments.

Produced by a cooperative situated in  North Misiones. It allows small producers to gain a fair salary with good working conditions.

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Ergonomic    & reussable    packagings.

Mondial Relay is an affordable and smart   shipping    solution.

We transform  used   yerba mate into compost for local farmers to create new values.

By choosing a ship solution, we optimize our transport and limit our carbon footprint.

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