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Yerba mate 

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Yerba Mate (Ilex Paraguariensis Saint Hillaire) is a native tree from the subtropical rainforest of Argentine, Paraguay, and Brazil. After processing the leaves, they are consumed as an infusion by millions of people every day.

For the guarani, the yerba tree is the tree by excellence, a gift from the gods.
The word Yerba comes from "herb" and    the original term is "Kaá" . 

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Mateina procures healthy energy that lasts twice longer than coffee. It also allows better sports performances and burns more fat during exercise

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Cardiovascular protection

Yerba Mate dilates the blood vessels and allows a better blood circulation

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Mental focus

Natural stimulator of the central nervous system promoting mental activity and concentration

source of energy

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 Yerba Mate is a powerful bound-maker when it is shared

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Antioxidant & vitamins

Consuming Yerba Mate provides the body with large quantities of polyphenols, B-group vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and xanthines

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The diuretic effect of consuming Yerba Mate allows the body to eliminate the toxins more easily 

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immune system

Yerba Mate presents a great antioxidant power that protects the immune system 

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skin appearance

The polyphenols in the Yerba Mate act as a skin protector against aging

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Weight loss

Drinking Yerba Mate reduces appetite and helps the body to burn fat

how to drink Yerba Mate

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There    are different ways to drink the holly  beverage also called "The drink of the Gods".


The traditional method uses a gourd and  a    bombilla  . The gourd or calabash is a natural fruit called mati in Quechua. From there the word Yerba   Mate means 'Yerba' or "Herbs"  in Spanish and   "Mate" or  "Gourd" in Quechua.   The bombilla is a straw and filter the loose leaf from the infusion.   

You can also drink and enjoy a cold yerba mate! It is called terere and is the national drink of Paraguay. We recommend you to drink it in fruits like coconuts,  pineapple,    watermelon,    orange, ... and mix it with a natural juice.

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Yerba mate can as well  be found    in small tea bags or be infused in a kettle for an easier way to enjoy it. Be careful to not infuse with water above  85ºC otherwise you will burn the leaves.

Did you know? Yerba mate can be used with the french press.   It can be the perfect solution if you want to infuse a huge amount at one time.  It is also practical if you want to mix your yerba mate with some other infusion. But remind to not burn your herbs.

Have look on youtube at our recipes for more inspiration!

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the traditional way to serve Yerba mate 

How to prepare Yerba Mate

1. Fill 3/4 of your calabash with yerba mate Kayari

 2. Cover the top with the palm of your hand and shake it 3 to 4 times

3. Tilt your calabash to create a slope. Add lukewarm water 40ºC into the empty spot

4.   When introducing the bombilla, top it with your thumb

 5.   Fill until the top with hot water 80ºC

 6.   Enjoy a good mate and share the energy 

ORigin of the Yerba Mate


The Guaraníes, an indigenous tribe that used to live mainly in northeastern Argentina, Paraguay, southern Brazil, and eastern Bolivia, are the ancestor of the Yerba Mate Rituals. To the natives, the mate tree had a special and spiritual significance.


The Jesuits, during the 16 century, realized the great economic potential of yerba mate, as they    discovered how to cultivate yerba mate crops,    something that nobody had managed to do at that time. This is how the process of production of yerba changed completely, leading to commercial development.

In the 18 century, Argentina had become the largest producer of yerba mate in the world for its plantations in the provinces of Misiones and Corrientes.


Nowadays, the drinks of the gods are considered a “National Infusion” in different countries of the continent and even have its official “Mate Day” on the 30th of November ”.

WHY toucans are so important in Mate history

The Jesuits had noticed that toucans are attracted to the small berries of yerba mate leaves. Thanks to this observation they  also discovered that the gelatinous layer of the bay is detached during digestion and therefore allows better growth. Knowing this, they made the first plantations. This is how the Guarani traditions were developed in Argentina and neighboring countries.

This discovery inspired us to draw our logo. We chose to give it a divine appearance because the Yerba Mate is often referred  as the drink of the gods.

Moreover, we love the details and hope you will too. You may observe the toucan gracefully sitting on the sacred bombilla with the neck shaped like a calabash (mate gourd) and the eye represented by the Andean Cross, also known as The Chakana.


Lastly, you will see   two beaks which symbolize duality ;   day & night, moon & sun,  ying & yang ... and    also because  Yerba Mate can be consumed hot or cold.

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